Blackmail Mistress Fetish

Welcome slaves are you ready to start obeying you’re Mistress? I love Blackmail Mistress fetish and you can read more on my dedicated  that is a blog dedicated to  blackmail fantasy roleplay as well as real blackmail scenarios. Slaves have written blog posts on that blog about their own journeys into blackmail and financial ruin. This is not a fetish for the light hearted as that Mistress really pushes you to  you’re limits and has no qualms about keeping you on you’re toes sweating and worrying every single day about what she may do next to you.Between blackmail contracts and financial ruin this Mistress will take you on a journey that will mess with you’re head and have you in  pannick mode each and every day. Will she tell you’re wife? will she EXPOSE YOU? Th plot thickens and this Mistress just loves the hell she puts you through at her hands.

This s one very strict Mistress who takes the whole blackmail fantasy role play very serious, sh will take pictures of you in a cam show she will manipulate you into giving out personal details, she will trick you and mess with you’re mind until she gets what she wants and when she does you are domed!

Get ready for blackmail hell with this blackmail Mistress fetish cam femdom. Enter at you’re on will but be warned things may never be the same again after this Mistress is finnished ripping you apart bit by bit. She Will get everything out of you and once she does you will be at her every beck and call what she wants she gets.

Have a view at the blog and see for yourself the other slaves torment at her hands . From sissy blackmail humiliation to chastity blackmail humiliation and so much more.

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