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Jerk off Instruction On Cam

Does the idea of a super sexy female dressed in latex giving you orders  turn you on? A strong female who cracks the whip and orders you to wank under her instruction? She verbally abuses you and gives demands and controls how and when and how fast you will wank.

Wanking Instructions

  • Wank faster
  • Slow down
  • Stop- start, faster, hand off, hand on
  • Take it to the edge now hand off

These are just some of the instructions The Mistress will give as she watches your frustration and listens to you pleading with her to cum. She will laugh in your face. This is the life of cock control on cam  where they own your orgasm, they deny you pleasure, they decide if you can cum and they tease you like crazy. Do they care about your frustrations? Hell NO! They continue with it, they laugh at you, they degrade you and they rub their pussy and tell you they will cum but you can not.

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When it comes to being told what to do, these women are experts. They know exactly what buttons to push in the cock control situations and with the full-on jerk off cam sessions, you can be assured that these women mean business. From laughing in your face or slapping your cock and balls and telling you they will force a chastity device on you. You know you must obey. You must always do as they tell you or they will simply lock your cock up in its mini prison and throw away the key.

Get ready for proper humiliation from evil females who know exactly how to turn your world upside down. They won’t hold back, they don’t care, you mean nothing to these online tormentors. vire more of our here

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